Lynx Advisor AS


Norway Shopping Guide 1994 - 2013

LYNX Advisor AS (LA)and European Cruise Service AS (ECS) have made a distribution agreement with city maps for all cruise ships that ECS works with. In total there are 19 cruise lines and

60 different cruise ships. ECS is a market leader and the largest name amongst both shipping agencies and tour operators within the cruise industry here in Norway and Scandinavia.

And for these reasons we can happily invite your store to join in partnership with us.

How will we obtain the best results for your company?

  • City maps will receive full distribution on board cruise ships
  • Use experience from the Norway Shopping Guide (20 years publication)
  • Give the best insight into knowledge of which products are most sought after
  • Knowledge of different nationalities and their shopping habits

In the following cities:

Oslo 250.000
Kristiansand        150.000
Stavanger 150.000
Bergen 250.000
Ålesund 150.000
Trondheim 150.000
Tromsø 150.000
TOTALE 1.250.000